Three Ideas For Your Custom Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signs are a must when branding your office space, it lets your guests know they are in the right place and creates a professional atmosphere for your customers. Far from straightforward, lobby signs are highly customizable. There’s wide choice of material, texture, color, lighting and shape. Need ideas for your custom lobby signs? There are plenty of inspiring signs out there. Here are three ideas from the designers at Captivating Signs.  

Custom Lobby Signs

  1. Vinyl Lobby Signs Give Your Logo Texture

Yes, vinyl is a cost-effective material, but it can also make some of the most unique designs. With full-color graphic printing, we can turn the vinyl on your sign into anything. Consider the work we did for ElementsTM therapeutic massage. Each vinyl drop in their sign has a unique look to represent the three elements in their logo. If you have need for very specific graphics, vinyl may be the right material for you.

  1. Acrylic Is Perfect For Glass Office Signs

Considering a glass office sign? This can make your lettering stand out, or show off the wall behind the sign. However, glass is an expensive, heavy, and sometimes dangerous material to work with. The perfect solution is “glass” acrylic. It’s lightweight, highly moldable and completely transparent. Or, we can give your acrylic a frosted-etched glass look.

  1. Metal Office Signs for Authority

Does your brand need to have a powerful presence in your office space? Does your brand need to feel trustworthy, stable, or high-end? Then metal is the perfect material to choose for your custom lobby sign. We offer stainless steel, brass, aluminum, bronze, copper and more metals in various finishes. Metal can also add a touch of realism to your sign. Consider the lobby sign we made for Friedman Real Estate. Their logo has a keyhole, and what better material to make that keyhole pop than real metal?

Need Design Ideas For Your Custom Lobby Signs?

Captivating Signs has experienced and creative designers who can help you bring your custom lobby sign ideas to life. From glass office signs to smart use of metal and vinyl, we’ll help you choose the material that makes your signs a true reflection of your brand.

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