Truck Wraps: Take Your Brand Everywhere You Go

Truck wraps are a cost-effective way to market your business across your city, state, and even across America. Because your trucks will bring your branding with them wherever they go, you can extend your company’s reach beyond your street address.

When deciding on print advertising, such as newspapers, billboards, or even office signage, it can be difficult to determine where your money is best spent. On one hand, local advertising increases your brand recognition with people who may already be familiar with your business. On the other, advertising farther away introduces your business to new potential customers.

By outfitting your delivery fleet with truck wraps, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be advertising locally each time a truck departs on or returns from a delivery, and in different regions for every customer you have.

Benefits of truck decals for advertising

Truck decals also have many benefits over traditional advertising, such as:

  1. They’re long-lasting
    Many forms of advertising require ongoing payments to continue your marketing efforts throughout the year. Truck wraps may have a higher initial cost then a print ad in the newspaper, but they’ll last for years instead of a few days.
  2. They’re durable
    Truck decals don’t require any special maintenance that you wouldn’t already be doing to maintain your vehicle. You should wash your vehicles at least once a month, and more often in the winter to prevent salt build-up.
    Because truck decals are so durable, they can be washed the same way you were already washing your truck. Going through a car wash, using soapy water, and even using a power washer at low PSI is all possible with truck wraps.
  3. You bolster customer confidence
    Gaining customer trust not easy but is a necessary part of doing business. Having consistent branding lets your potential clients know that you’re professional and reliable.
    A plain white delivery van makes your business look cheap, but vehicles with your branding will show you know what you’re doing.

Get the best truck wraps From Captivating Signs

When deciding which company you should buy your truck wraps from, make sure you choose one with experience in both design and manufacturing. Captivating Signs can make amazing truck wraps for all your vehicles. Contact us today to learn more and arrange your complimentary consultation!

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