Truck Wraps Take Your Branding Further

You put a lot of time and effort into crafting your brand image. Your logo, color scheme, and slogan can all work to attract attention to your business and get your more customers. That is, if your potential customer sees your brand. How do you help build brand awareness, through your whole service area, city, state, or even country? A vehicle wrap is the perfect solution.

Grab Attention Where Your Customers Are

If you drive to your customers, a truck wrap can target two important segments of the population. The first is people who are just driving by you on the road. Americans are spending more time than ever behind the wheel. When they are driving, they’re open to advertisements. Having your vehicle wrap on the streets will help build general brand awareness for your company.

Target Your Best Potential Customers

Truck wraps builds general awareness, but they can also target the people most likely to be your customers—that is, people who are nearby your current customers. For example, roofers who advertise with vehicle wraps announce their services to the whole neighborhood. Seeing as many roofs in a neighborhood are likely to wear out at the same time, this is genius advertising. Many other businesses target specific neighborhoods from contractors to food trucks. A vehicle wrap can help you get ore business where you’re already working.

Novelty Factor

Consumers don’t train themselves to ignore truck wraps the ways they avoid billboards, banners and roadside signs. Instead, most consumers are intrigued by vehicle wraps and want to see what the truck wrap is advertising. You just don’t see vehicle wraps often, so when you do, they make a larger impression.


Vehicle wraps don’t just take your branding further—they also last longer. The wraps we provide at Captivating Signs are highly durable and top-quality. Even if you don’t take perfect care of the wrap you can expect it to last for years. Wash it properly and you can expect it to last for much longer.

Vehicle Wraps From Captivating Signs  

You may be surprised at just how far a vehicle wrap can take your branding. At Captivating Signs we create vehicle wraps that reflect your brand and are sure to catch attention wherever you go. Reach out to us today to discuss our top-quality truck wraps.

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