Types of Modern Monument Signs for Business

While custom monument signs have been around for a long time, there are now more kinds of monument signs that you can use to advertise your business. Some are great for commercial and residential property owners, other for retail, government, and others. Discover the types of monument signs that we can make you in Chicago & Naperville, IL.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

These signs can be used like pylon signs, in that they can have multiple businesses advertising on them. They are a great option for commercial property owners who want to bring more attention to the businesses on their property. Monument signs are at an easily readable height and can be placed right next to the road.

Digital Modern Monument Signs

In the digital era, signs don’t need to be static. We can create monument signs that display digital messages, so you can project the image you like. You can also use it to project words, so you can alert the community to your next sale, event, or just catch attention with a joke. The digital part of the sign can be very large, or only big enough for a phrase. It can still have your branding like any other monument sign would.

Digital signs are simple to change and save you on printing costs for new signs. You can change up your message as much as you like and test what works. Plus, with LED lights, they are energy efficient.

Address Custom Monument Signs

Do you own a large residential property? Or do you frequently have things delivered to your location? Then you can make use of an address sign. Making your address sign a monument helps it be seen from the road. And it elevates the feeling of your property. It is the perfect choice for a high-end apartment or condominium.

Materials & Design

There are more new material and design options for custom monument signs than there have been in the past. We can create a sign that will match your building exterior or your landscaping. They can be modern, natural, elegant, rustic, and lit internally or externally. Check out our monument gallery to see the designs we can create.

Make a Monument with Captivating Signs & Graphics

Monuments make for impressive signs that can fulfill many purposes for many different kinds of businesses. At Captivating Signs, we offer modern monument sign types, designs, and materials. If you’re in Chicago and Naperville, IL, reach out to us for sign design, production, and installation.

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