Types of Posters II: Informative, Affirmative or Subject Posters

Informative Posters Next, informative posters are custom posters that spread awareness and information. These are usually used for awareness drives for certain kinds of issues. Most commonly, these custom posters are made for environmental protection campaigns and social awareness drives. They may carry the image of an endangered species for example with text asking you to help save them. Or it might tell you about sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. If your project requires you to spread some detailed information then this type of poster is for you.

Informative posters are a little bit more text heavy unlike other posters. Usually there is only one main image to catch the eye and then the rest are the more valuable text that tells the reader about the subject of the poster. This kind of poster can be displayed absolutely anywhere, though it is better to place them where you want the most awareness. For HIV and AIDS for example, you may want to place them in areas where a lot of youth gather.

Subject Posters Color posters for a certain “subject” are also very common. These posters usually have a certain specific subject as the centerpiece of its design. It can be a “band poster” displaying a certain musical ensemble, or it can also be an “artist poster” showing off a great artist. Basically these kinds of posters are printed and sold for fans. They are a category unto themselves since some people collect such posters. Therefore there are special collector’s edition posters that have great designs and are of higher quality than most posters. Usually subject posters are displayed in a personal room or office.

Affirmation Posters Lastly, we have affirmation posters. These posters convey a motivational or inspirational message. They encourage people to adhere to a certain kind of ideal or they support people in times when they need some emotional strengthening. Motivational posters or inspirtional posters relax an overworked or stressed person giving them a few seconds of rest. It also gives them a motivational drive to “hang on.” You can print custom posters like this as a present for people, or you can sell them as a novelty item. Usually these posters are displayed in personal rooms or offices.

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source: www.zambezi-art.com/category/posters/

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