Types of Posters Part I : Advertising posters, Government posters.

At Captivting signs, there are many types of posters being printed today. Even custom posters can be categorized according to their use. It is important to know what type of custom poster you may want to produce. This helps you keep the goal of the poster in mind as you design it. It makes the poster’s message more coherent and it also determines where you need to put your posters. The types of custom poster printing are listed below.

Full color advertising posters are of course the most common type of poster. They basically advertise a product, service or event. This usually involves a nice full color image of product or service being advertised and a few helpful words and sentences that promote how good they are. There is intense competition nowadays in the design and layout of such posters. Since usually the best and most eye-catching posters can attract more customers. We have a professional designer who can help our clients with desiging the best poster for their needs.

Advertising posters are used, as its name implies for advertising. If you want your product or service to gain customers then advertising posters are the type of posters that you need. These color posters are usually placed in high traffic areas such as train stations, airports, bus stops etc.

For special issues and elections the political or propaganda poster is used. Though there is a slight negative connotation to the word “propaganda”, these kinds of folders offer an important contribution in spreading policies and information that adhere to a certain political ideal or campaign issue.

Common organization that uses these kinds of folders is the government. Usually these custom posters appear with the government’s or company’s logo. They may have a special image that portrays the policy, value or philosophy that the government or company wants to adhere too. Most posters like this are placed within government offices and administrative places. They can be displayed in public halls as well.

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