How Captivating Signs New UV Flat-bed Printer Enhances Your Brand

We admit that one of the coolest things about our new flat-bed printer is the UV technology. This is not new technology, though it feels like something from the future when we see the results. The UV LED inks used by the printer dry when hit by ultraviolet light during the printing process. This means every image is crisper and more vibrant than with traditional inks that dry as they soak into whatever substrate receives the ink. What doesn’t soak in gets evaporated into the air. Speaking of substrates, anything is possible when printing on the flat-bed printer.

Imagine that you want to do some edgy art on the wooden doors in your office. We can print directly on the surface – no laminate required. Paper, wood, plastic, canvas, ceramic, metal, plexiglass, vinyl, and even real glass. Your printable surface can be up to 60 inches wide, and at just about any length you need it to be to showcase your brand for any application. Banners, posters, billboards, light boxes, business signs, interior doors – and more. Large scale printing is now a breeze and we do it all in-house, so turn-around is faster and our design team helps realize your vision.

Large scale printing is one thing, but what about the smaller stuff? Consider such items as name badges, branded items like coasters and identification cards, industrial parts and labels, machine faceplates, ceramic and porcelain tiles, or dial faces for custom clocks. Even items that you may not have thought print-ready, such as lighting panels, acoustical ceiling panels, or solid-surface floor coverings, have new potential. Large or small, rigid or flexible, if it fits into the machine, we can print on it using the UV printing technology.

There’s more! We can print your images from photographs, original art, and logo or decorative design applications – on just about any material. The surface to be printed can be any color, even black. Our UV Flat-bed printer is equipped to print white ink, which allows a greater flexibility of substrate colors and artistic expression.

We are so excited to bring UV Flat-bed printing to Captivating Signs and we would love to show you how it works.

How can we enhance your brand with our custom printing solutions?

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