Captivating Signs Adds UV Flatbed Printer to its Production Shop

Did you know that UV curing was originally developed for gel nail polishes – to get quick drying time and greater durability over time? It didn’t take long to evolve the technology to various industrial and commercial applications. We added a large format UV Flatbed printer to give us greater flexibility in our services and more product options for our customers.

Large Format UV Flatbed PrinterA clear benefit to adding a UV flat-bed printer to our shop is that the UV curing process and the flatbed feeder gives us the ability to print on non-traditional materials. In addition to standard paper, vinyl, fabric, and plastic substrates, we can print on acrylic, aluminum, and other rigid surface materials up to 2 inches thick! Overall, this machine improves our turn-around time because we can print more items in-house. Some of the options added by the flatbed printer include:

Multiple Layer Printing (with White Ink): Printing layers of white ink under color ink increases the vibrancy of the graphics and the visual impact of the whole image. This is ideal for transparent materials like glass and plexi. Imagine the possibilities for light boxes with art suitable for the man cave, she shed, or kids’ rooms. From custom clocks in your kitchen to custom logo signs in your business – multiple layer printing can bring your brand to life.

Reverse Printing: Take the same transparent materials as we discussed above and print on the back of the surface. Reverse printing requires getting the “backwards” design right – and the benefits are worth it! Reverse printing adds the perception of depth to an image and takes advantage of the natural gloss of many transparent materials. Also, the finished product is more durable and the graphics last longer because they are behind the substrate.

Large Format Graphics: Our flatbed printer easily handles rigid and flexible printable materials of up to 5 feet wide and 10, or more, feet long. The length is restricted only by the length of materials available. Surfaces can be up to 2.5 inches thick, which means the printer can print directly on surfaces like doors, frames, room divider panels, ceiling and floor tiles, etc.

In addition to the larger printing capabilities, the in-house flatbed printer allows us to print higher-volume items faster. Smaller signs and items like coasters and tiles made of stone, wood, cork, plastic, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and more – are all possible.

Captivating Signs brings the very best in designs, technology, and service to help bring your brand to life. Let us show you how.

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