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Important Facts about vehicle wraps, Vehicle Signs and Vehicle Graphics
You’d be amazed at just how many people see your company vehicle on the road. Each American travels almost 14,000 miles by road every year. USA has more than 254 million registered vehicles according to 2009 data. Together, that’s almost 3546 billion miles of driving each year.

Vehicle wrapping can provide your business with a cost effective marketing tool that will grab the attention of potential customers. At Captivating signs, we use state of the art printing techniques to create vehicle wraps so that your vehicle will stand out from the crowd, convey your business message quickly and effectively and give your company a truly professional image.

Many people will recall a car wrap more easily than any other type of outdoor advertising. People remember a vehicle with dramatic car graphics and are more likely to take action.

Vehicle wraps are cost effective. Where else could you advertise to that many people for $ 70 per month? (Assuming your vehicle wrap costs $3,000 and lasts four years.)

A wrap is a much cheaper than expensive custom paint jobs. When your campaign is over or you want to change some details,  you can replace the wrap quickly and cost effectively.

Your advertising will work all day. When not driving your vehicle, park it in a high exposure or busy traffic area and the leads will still come in.

The limitations for vehicle graphic wrapping is only your imagination. Our state-of-the-art printing techniques mean that we can reproduce stunning, full color images to completely wrap your vehicle. We use a solvent based printing system that produces UV resistant and color fast graphics, so you know that your design can last as long as you need it.

If you are interested in having your vehicle wrapped, contact us for a free consultation.

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