Vinyl Lettering: Spread Your Brand Message with a Professional Touch

All brands need to build authority to be successful. You need to appear trustworthy, reliable, and prosperous to your would-be customers to win their business. If you need to build authority, vinyl lettering is a great option. This signage adds a professional touch to any space you place it in. When you add branded lettering, you also create another opportunity to cement your customer’s connection with your brand. Here are three different ways to add a professional touch with custom vinyl letters.

Window and Door Lettering

Vinyl letter stickers and decals can be added to windows without harming the glass. This allows you to add lettering to your storefront windows, front doors, or office doors. Many businesses use vinyl letters make their otherwise bland office or store space more appealing and professional. If your door is obscure, or you share space with other businesses, vinyl letters will help you stand out.

Wall Vinyl Lettering

You can also place your lettering on the walls in your space. One popular option is to add vinyl lettering to a wall in your lobby. This inexpensive version of a lobby sign elevates the feel of your business and brands your lobby. Your lobby, and your business, seem permanent and professional instead of transient and new. Although, lobbies aren’t the only spaces where vinyl lettering can help you. Also consider placing some in your office, waiting room, store displays and more.

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps and Decals

For a business without a physical location, building authority can be especially tough. You don’t have a beautiful lobby or storefront to “wow” customers. When you drive up to customers, they may not be sure you’re even the business they called.

One solution is to place vinyl letter stickers on your vehicle. By branding your vehicle you appear more professional and official when you show up to your customer’s home. Also, vehicle wraps and decals can help you advertise your business, so you spread your brand message throughout your service area.

Explore More Options with Captivating Signs & Graphics

Vinyl letters are a highly versatile sign type that can be applied to a huge range of surfaces. We’ve only scratched the surface of how lettering can help you build authority and spread your brand message. Whether you are in Naperville or some other towns, to learn more about how your business can benefit from custom vinyl lettering, reach out to us at Captivating Signs and Graphics.

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