Vinyl Signs 101

Vinyl signs are popular for business owners who want to draw attention to messages including wayfinding, department identification, and ADA assistance. We print the signage with your message, logo, and graphics and adhere it to a substrate for permanent signage. For temporary signage, vinyl signs install easily on windows, walls, and other surfaces. This versatile material makes it easy to meet the exact size and shape you want.

You rely on your business signs to deliver relevant information to potential customers. There are many reasons businesses choose vinyl wall signs and decals to move their brands forward. Keep reading to learn more about the application and advantages of vinyl decals and signage offered by Captivating Signs in Naperville, IL.

How Can You Use Vinyl Signs in Napierville?

Properly applied vinyl signage resists fading and lasts a long time. It’s ideal for businesses that want to install UV-protected signage that will stand the test of time. Here’s how to incorporate this flexible material into your floor graphics, banners, storefront signs, and other indoor signs in Naperville, IL, and beyond.

Variety of Materials

Our technicians regularly apply vinyl to numerous substrates including the following:

  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wallboard

Vinyl works for indoor and outdoor signs. You can even use vinyl decals to turn your commercial fleet into mobile marketing vehicles.

Lightweight and Portable

As a lightweight material, vinyl contributes to the portability of your business signage. It works well for temporary or seasonal promotions or for longer use. Do you need a sandwich board or banner for an upcoming event? Vinyl signage makes it easy to design and install the right signs without breaking your budget.

Colorful and Easy to Produce

Vinyl signs come in a variety of eye-catching colors that we can match to your branding and logo. Rich color and well-planned graphics can draw more eyes to your sales, special event, or grand opening.

Because we carry so many colors in stock, you can get a fast turnaround time with vinyl decals, floor graphics and wall art. It’s simply a matter of designing, printing, and applying the vinyl to your chosen substrate.

Can You Customize Vinyl Signage?

Absolutely! Vinyl is a great material for custom signs when you need precise colors, graphics, and branding. We can show you how to use vinyl for window, wall, and floor signage as well as other indoor and outdoor messaging for your business.

The more specific you make your branding, the more effective your vinyl signage becomes. So, let us help you use creative applications such as portable signage, advertising, wayfinding, and other signs that serve your business well.

Where Can You Get Affordable Vinyl Signage in Naperville, IL?

Captivating Signs in Naperville, IL, can help you turn your business signage into powerful promotion and marketing tools. When you need affordable, fast vinyl signs for a special event or business promotion, contact us for the best results.

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