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To attract the attention of the public in a trade show event, one has a very small time to make the impression. And you know the first impression is the last impression. So first thing we recommend is keep your display simple and not overly busy or cluttered. Few cardinal rules to follow:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep the Text and the Font simple
  • Keep it Colorful
  • Make it Attractive
  • Use few pictures.
  • Avoid using multiple pictures.
  • Keep the display Bold, Big and Tall.
  • If needed use suspended banners.

Also, use very little text on your trade show graphics and keep the fonts simple. Keep it short and use bullet points to easily point out the benefits of your company. If you write paragraphs of information on display, you will loose the attendees interest. Attendees feel overwhelmed by the immense amount of information you are trying to relay on your convention display. Save this information for promotional handouts and brochures.

A good selection of colors will make the display nice, colorful and pleasing, and is sure to attract the attention of attendees.  Use of orange, red and yellow will enhance the display and will add energy to the display.  However, these colors should be used cautiously as if too much of bright colors are used, it repels the audience. Colors like green, blue and lavender create a calming effect. Avoid dark colors as create a negative impression about the display.

Also make your display attractive with the right amount of color, amount of text and type of font and size of the font on the display. Make sure your display talks about your company and what you have to offer only without a lot of text.  Attendees do not prefer to read the fine print. Try to keep the font simple and legible. Arial and Times New Roman are the few commonly used. Also keep the size of the font large enough to be legible from the aisle or distance.

A picture is thousand words. Make sure your graphics have a powerful picture which talks about your product or service loud and clear. Use just one or two large photos on your trade show display. Avoid using collage or multiple pictures. Save it for the brochures and handouts.

Make sure the display is bold, tall and big enough and is clearly visible from the aisles and stands out from the rest of the displays. There’s no need to go into debt in order to have high-impact trade show display.  It takes the right amount of planning and the perfect design that will draw the attention in a crowd.  Here at Captivating Signs we offer you all the options to make sure you have the best trade show displays and exhibits. Banner System, Fabric Tension Displays, and Hanging Banner System is a cost effective way to promote your business and make a lasting impression at trade shows.

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