What Is Architectural Signage and How Can It Enhance Your Building?

Have you ever arrived for an appointment early but eventually became late because you got lost inside the building or store? Getting delayed with your schedule because of confusing or unlabeled hallways is just frustrating. The reason for this delay is because of bad architectural signage.

Businesses need an effective strategy to attract customers while communicating their brand’s message and maintaining a great customer experience. Sometimes having just one or two signs isn’t enough to achieve this. Custom architectural signs are one of the solutions that strengthen a brand by combining different signs in highly conceptualized designs that blend into a building or space.

In this article, we have defined what architectural signage is and listed how it will help your business.

What Is Architectural Signage?

Architectural signage companies use the term “Architectural Signs” to describe a group of signs that are created to match specific designs and themes throughout a business building.

This is a complicated concept to grasp. Basically, it’s a personalized, high-quality sign that enhances your brand. It’s long-lasting, complements your physical environment, and goes beyond advertising to become a part of the decor rather than a distraction.

Architectural business signs in Chicago are an excellent investment in your company’s image. Architectural signage can be found on college campuses, government office buildings, hospitals, and hotels, among other places.

How Can It Enhance Your Building?

Elevate Your Brand:
Exterior architectural signs can elevate your space and send a message to visitors about your high standards. Colors, textures, and patterns can all contribute to a room’s warmth, personality, and style. Imagine what you can do with your building if you can make the cement parking garage feel luxurious with great signage design.

Built to Last:
Architectural signage is intended to be long-lasting. The initial cost is slightly higher than that of commercial signage, but it’s built to last. The high-end materials used to build architectural signage are typically inspired by those already present in your building. Consider stainless steel, glass, stone, wood, and other natural building materials. You can expect it to look sleek and remain leak-free. There should be no cracking, peeling, or fading, which are common issues with old commercial signage and will require no to little maintenance and will last for many years.

Create a Flowing Experience:
Visitors shouldn’t have to struggle to find their way around your building. Using custom architectural signs provides a seamless experience that will reduce client frustration while also saving you time. Signage for wayfinding doesn’t have to be distracting or tacky. Digital kiosks, for example, can provide information in real-time, which is useful if you need to change your messaging on a regular basis or give special instructions.

Your Trusted Architectural Signage Company in Chicago

Look no further than Captivating Signs for a dependable architectural sign company in Chicago. We take pride in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality signs for any business. Contact us online for a free consultation and to collaborate on creating one-of-a-kind signs and graphics for your business.

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