What Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Are Best For Your Brand?

You don’t need just any outdoor lighted business sign. Your brand is unique, so you need a sign that will convey its message, appeal to your specific customers, and still be cost-effective, of course. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of outdoor business signs so we can suggest the perfect option for your needs. If you’re trying to choose the best sign for your brand, you may want to consider these three outdoor lighted business signs:

Digital message centers

These LED signs can display custom digital messages that look like billboard signs but are much brighter and more dynamic. These signs can be mounted to your storefront, to a monument sign, or to a pole sign. They are perfect to use when you want the flexibility to display more information than just your brand’s name or logo.

You can use digital message centers as scoreboards during game nights, and to display your prices and specials. They are also very useful to display seasonal sales or images of your product. If your business needs to create excitement, then a digital message center will help you achieve it. They are commonly used in stadiums, malls, sports bar, amusement parks, schools, and government buildings, hotels, and many more businesses.

Pole & pylon signs

If you are in a plaza with many other businesses, especially one that is far back from the road, you need to grab your potential customers on the street. Pole and pylon signs are the perfect way to proclaim your brand’s message over a wide area. They are clear from a distance, so they can help customers find your location in a busy area.

pylon signs

LED neon signs

Would your brand benefit from the look of a classic neon sign? You can now get that unique look without worrying about the cost and maintenance neon signs used to require. Captivating Signs offers LED signs that mimic the look of neon signs exactly. That soft glow and bold lettering will help your business stand out.

Outdoor lighted business signs from Captivating Signs

It takes some time to find the outdoor lighted business sign that is best for your brand. If you want professional advice, the team at Captivating Signs is here to help. We want your business to get the best return on investment on your signs.

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