Why Channel Letters Are as Important as Your Website?

Business owners are now utilizing different marketing strategies to promote the visibility of their physical location. A lot of these strategies take place on their websites. However, not enough people are paying attention to channel letter signs.

Channel letters are similar to dimensional sign letters, the key difference being that this type of signage houses lights within it. These illuminated channel letters come with numerous benefits.

Why You Should Invest in Channel Letter Signs

The following are some of the reasons you should install channel letter signs for your business.

1. Promote Your Brand Identity

Channel letter signs can help make your brand visible. This makes them suitable for B2B and B2C businesses. Clients can see your business from afar, making it easy to find when they already know about your business and catching their attention if they don’t.

2. Durable

Another benefit to installing these channel letters signs is that they are durable. They are made with industry-grade materials. This means they can withstand mild or harsh weather conditions. You don’t need to make constant repairs when you install them atop your building.

3. Cost-Effective

Another unique quality of channel letter signs is that they are cost-effective in the long run. They might require a bit of an investment up front, but due to their lasting strength, they make a great business investment.

You rarely have to replace them after you install them.

4. Customizable

Another benefit to these dimensional sign letters is that you can tweak them any way you want. You can choose the colors, shapes, form, fonts, and even the graphics to showcase. You can also decide if you want them single or double-sided, open face, halo-lit, or front-lit.

5. Energy-Efficient

Channel letter signs make use of energy-saving LED lights. LEDs lights lower your energy consumption. This means you will be spending less on energy bills at the end of the month.

6. Eco-Friendly

Installing these channel letter signs is an eco-friendly option. These signs are not made with mercury or lead, which makes them safer.

Channel letter signs are just as important as websites due to the numerous benefits that a website just can’t offer. If you’re planning to install them, you can count on Captivating Signs to deliver your needs. Contact us today to see he we can help your business.

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