Why Channel Letters Are So Popular

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more channel letter signs in Naperville. Why are channel letters becoming so popular, and how can it benefit you? Let’s discuss the advantages of this signage that make them an easy choice for businesses.

High Visibility

Everything about the design of channel letters promotes visibility. They can be seen from further away, and the brand name is clear even at such a distance. These signs are only mounted letters, there is typically no sign material in between the letters. Each letter is lit individually, so they are clearer. Other signs are square or rectangles that are lit up, and they therefore create a square or rectangular presence from far away. The actual brand name may not be readable.

Lighting and Color Options

There are many lighting options for channel letters, some of which make very dramatic statements and stand out from more traditional sign types. For example, reverse channel letters aren’t internally lit. Instead, they are lit from behind and create a gorgeous halo effect.

You can have internally lit channel letter signs too. In this case the light will shine through the acrylic face of the sign and impart a color. We can design the sign to shine in your exact brand color, or multiple colors. Whatever is best for your vision.


Few things are as bad for your brand as a rusted, broken, or flickering outdoor sign. That’s why you need to keep durability and ease of maintenance in mind when you’re choosing a large, lit sign. Channel letter signs are made of strong aluminum with a colorful acrylic face. These materials are sturdy and last longer than other sign materials Plus, channel letters are independently lit, so that the whole sign doesn’t go out when one letter has a problem.

Are Channel Letters Right for You?

There are many other reasons that channel letter signs are popular:

  • Use of energy efficient LEDs.
  • Total customizability in fonts.
  • Unique ways of being mounted on your building.

While channel letter signs are right for most businesses, it always helps to run your sign ideas by an expert. We offer reverse channel letter signs, but also many other types of exterior signs that can be used for the same purpose. Reach out to Captivating Signs today to discuss what sign is right for you.

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