Why Does Your Business Need ADA-Compliant Signs?

Signs are important when promoting a business, and there‘s one type of sign that no American business should overlook: ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that visually and hearing-impaired people, as well as people who have difficulty speaking, can easily navigate a public space. As a result, ADA-compliant signs are an important part of any business signage strategy.

Creating ADA signs can improve not only the signs visibility but also their effectiveness. They can be customized with contrasting texts, graphics, and background colors while remaining consistent with the style of your brand. Captivating Signs will ensure that your ADA Chicago signs are correct to avoid penalties and possible permit terminations. In this article, we have compiled everything you need to learn about custom ADA signs.

ADA Signs Requirements You Need to Follow:

• Signs should include a visual and tactile representation of the name or number. They can be displayed on the same sign or separate signs.
• Raising the tactile displays (room name/number and Braille) to a minimum of 1/32″ above the surface of the sign.
• Signs should be hung 48″-60″ from the floor on the handle side of doorways.
• Signs must have a high contrast between the background and font colors.
• Uppercase and sans-serif fonts are required. Calibri, Arial, and Helvetic are examples of sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond, as well as script fonts like Monotype Corsiva, should be avoided.
• The height of the character must be between 5/8 and 2 inches.
• Non-reflective/non-glare materials must be used for signs.

How Custom ADA Signs Help a Business:

• Every customer will feel that they’re welcome in your office or store. From ADA bathroom signs to parking signs, these signs contribute to a more positive customer experience. They make it easy for your customers to find exit levels, restrooms, meeting areas, and other amenities.
• They raise brand awareness. You can use ADA signs, such as indoor directional signs, to promote your brand and welcome visitors.
• They show your business ethics. Installing ADA-compliant signs can help to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

For All Your ADA Signage Needs in Chicago and Naperville

Captivating Signs is your go-to sign company in Chicago and Naperville. We offer exceptional customer service as well as high-quality signage products and services. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process, from consultation to sign installation, ensuring that everything is per the ADA. For a free consultation, contact us online today.

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