Why Metal Signs are so Popular Among Chicago Businesses

We’re constantly on the lookout for sign trends in Chicago & Naperville. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of metal signs popping up over the city. Why have these signs suddenly seen a rise in popularity? For businesses, metal signs make a lot of sense. There are several advantages you can look forward to if you choose to jump in on the trend.


Metal signs are highly durable and can help your message stand the test of time, even if you’re placing the sign outdoors. We have stainless steel and other treated metal options for you to choose from. They resist the effects of weather and won’t fade in the sun. They also resist rust for much longer than untreated metals, and, when kept in good order, can last decades. If you want a long-term sign, metal is a great material option.


Custom aluminum metal signs are very cost-effective. Post and panel signs made of aluminum add a bit of class without breaking the budget. Unlike paper-based signs, aluminum signs are durable, even in rain, which means that your sign will last longer, and therefore that your investment will go further. And, as they are highly customizable, you can use them for any kind of promotion.

High-End Looks

The material that you choose for your sign will make an impression on onlookers and your potential customers. Different materials offer different implications. Metal looks higher end than vinyl, wood, and other material choices. Metal seems stable, polished, and successful, all things that you likely want your business to project.

Within metals you have several options. Brass and copper are richer materials with a more rustic look than more modern steels and aluminum. We can help you decide which is the best metal for your purposes.

Your Metal Sign Options

Many different signs can be made of metal, including:

We also offer one of the most popular options: custom aluminum metal signs as post and panel signs.

Choose Captivating Signs for Your Next Sign

For businesses, metal signs can be a long-term commitment. Why not work with the sign company that is committed to your business for the long term? At Captivating Signs, we create signs that are true marketing assets for your business, that are made to work for you for the long-term. Contact us to talk about your options today.

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