Why Restroom Signs Are Important for Every Business

When someone is coming over to visit your home, you probably clean in preparation for their visit. A big part of that is the bathroom. You want your guests to feel welcome, and to use your bathroom in comfort.

Your business should operate on much the same principle. Your customers and visitors should be able to find your bathroom and enjoy it in comfort. Restroom signs play a big role in your customer’s experience in your building. Here’s why restroom signs are important for every business.

You Put Customers First

Bathroom signs can demonstrate that you put customers first, especially wayfinding signs that help customers find restrooms on large properties. Some businesses want to discourage bathroom use, because of the hassle and cost of keeping bathrooms stocked and clean. However, you can put your customer’s needs first by showing them where the bathrooms are and making sure they’re clean and welcoming. The overall impression to customers is that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

You Follow the Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that you have bathroom signs. In fact, there are other standards you must meet. ADA restrooms signs must include Braille, must be posted at a certain height, and are subject to other rules. If you don’t meet these ADA bathroom sign requirements, you may be fined.

You Care About Those with Disabilities

It’s not just that ADA bathroom signs are required, but also that you care about customers and visitors who have disabilities and want them to have the same access to your property and bathrooms as anyone else. When you put thought into your ADA restroom signs and label your bathrooms clearly you are signaling your dedication to those who will use them.

You’ve Put Thought into How Your Property Feels

Don’t just get any washroom signs. Ideally, you’ll match your bathroom signs to the other internal signs in your property, like those that declare your brand or label your other rooms. The more cohesive your property looks and feels, the stronger your brand impression. It also tells customers that you

Get New Restroom Signs from Captivating Signs

When you’re upgrading your interior signs, don’t forget your restroom signs. They make a big impression on your customers that they are sure to remember the next time they interact with your brand. Plus, you need to be proactive to ensure you meet ADA regulations. Captivating Signs can make sure your signs do meet those requirements. Reach out to us today.

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