Why You Should Invest in Channel Letter Signs

Outdoor signs are essential for marketing your business, as they are an effective and popular type of business signs.

Being noticed by potential customers is always incredibly important for a business, whether they are old or new. Having proper outdoor signs are essential, and when you install channel letter signs, you’ve already separated yourself from the rest of the competition. They are effective and popular types of signs, commonly used at the storefront to attract new and existing customers.

This type of signage is an excellent way to impress your customers. They can display your company name, tagline, or other important details. Usually, they are made of aluminum and acrylic, with LED lights that add that extra kick customers love.

What Are Channel Letters?

Many businesses use these signs as part of their exterior signage. They consist of a graphic element with a distinct structure and large, mounted letters with a striking, three-dimensional appearance. They are typically long-lasting and reasonably priced because they are made of aluminum or acrylic.

Due to their bold lettering, whether they are illuminated or not, they will grab the attention of all who walk by. Internal or external illumination is provided by LED lighting fixtures mounted on the back of the letters. Business owners may choose between open-face channel letters and front-lit channel letters for their signage.

How Can Storefront Channel Letters Help Your Business?

There are several ways in which this type of signage helps your business. First and foremost, they attract new customers. They are very visible, customizable, and so can capture people’s interests with interesting colors, fonts, and graphics. As a result, you’ll be able to market your brand to your target audience. It will encourage people to return to your shop, increase sales, and even brand awareness through social media thanks to that perfect Instagram picture.
They are also a great way to get the bang for your buck. They are highly durable signs, known to be weather resistant due to their aluminum construction. They are also more cost-effective to repair and maintain. Furthermore, as they use LED signs, this type of signage uses less energy than other light sources!

Call Captivating Signs for Custom Channel Letters

If you’re unsure about what type of signage is right for your company, or what type of lettering to get, that’s when you have to look to the professionals. Luckily, Captivating Signs is here to help. We provide all types of signage for all businesses in Illinois as a full-service sign company. We offer custom design, manufacturing, installation, and repair services and are always dedicated to quality.
Contact us today and let our team of experts assist you with all of your channel letter sign requirements.

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