Why Your Business Needs a Custom Lighted Sign

All businesses can use lighted building signs to further their brand, attract customers, and much more. Even if you’re not open when darkness falls, or not a business where members of the public can just walk inside, outdoor lighted business signs will support your company’s goals. Here’s how.

lighted building signs


1. Brand your Building

Do people know your company, or that you operate in the area? Do you have enough brand awareness, and do people view your company favorably? A well-designed outdoor lighted business sign can help you craft a presence in your neighborhood, brand your building as your own, and spread brand awareness all at once. Those who drive by your business will notice the sign, even at night, which can go a long way to making an impact on your target audience.

2. Represent Your Brand Values

Right now, you’re missing an opportunity to make an impact. A custom lighted building sign can be carefully designed to make the exact impact you want. Is your brand agile and innovative? Traditional and reliable? Whatever your brand is, a sign can communicate that to thousands of people a day, depending on how much traffic is outside your front door.

Yes, an outdoor lighted business sign can simply reflect your logo and existing company fonts and colors. But, there are a few sign-specific decisions you can make to solidify that message. Consider:

  • The type of sign.
  • Material the sign is made of.
  • Type of lighting.

These decisions all impact your sign’s message and can make it embody your brand. Our talented designers can make sure that each element of your sign lines up with your brand’s values.

If you need something more flexible, you can use a digital sign that can change from moment to moment. This allows you to send seasonal or sales messages to your community. With a digital sign, you can show your brand cares, or promote your products and services.

3. Affordable & Low Maintenance

Once you understand the benefits outdoor lighted business signs can bring, you’ll naturally start wondering about the costs. Is a sign worth it if you have to pay for upkeep and electricity? That’s why you should partner with Captivating Signs. We offer low-maintenance signs that are energy-efficient and won’t drive up your costs.

Remember, the return on investment for outdoor lighted business signs is strong. You buy the sign once, pay pennies for maintenance and electricity, and can make thousands of positive impressions a day. Partner with Captivating Signs to get the right business sign for your company.

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