3 Office Lobby Sign Design Ideas for a Great First Impression

When visitors walk into your lobby, you have one chance to make a first impression. One factor that affects that first impression is your office lobby sign. Office lobby signs can potentially be the very first thing that someone notices about your company’s space. Therefore, it is well worth your while to make your office lobby signs stand out.

Make an Impression with Lobby Signs

When people come to visit your office, they’ve already made an effort to get in their car and journey to your office building. In this day and age of the internet, having in-person meetings is a big deal.

You can make your guests more comfortable and welcome with highly visible and high-quality lobby signs. These office lobby signs display your business’ professionalism and can entertain or offer help to your visitors.

Backlit or LED Reception Signs

One way to catch someone’s attention is using light to highlight your reception sign. Many successful reception signs feature a name or logo, a textured or metallic surface, and a lighted back. The name or logo reassures visitors that they are in the right place, and the metallic surface and backlighting define and play up the sign. You can customize this sign using color, size, and design so that your reception area looks professional and welcoming.

Another eye-catching option for your reception area is using an LED sign. LED signs make a great presentation for a creative design business or a stylized lobby space. They offer unique color and presence while drawing attention.

Front Desk Signs

Front desk signs can hang on the wall behind the desk if there is wall space. They can also hang over the desk from the ceiling, stand on the desk, or be attached to the front of the desk. The choice of where to place the front desk sign is dependent on how your office is configured, what type of desk you have, and how large or small the desk is.

Like other lobby signs, front desk signs can have more than one purpose. They can present the name of the receptionist, offer directions to another location, or display a company logo or slogan.

Many companies have small desk signs designating the name and job title of the person who mans the desk. But if you typically direct visitors to another area of your office, a simple sign with easy directions can be helpful.

Lobby Signs that Entertain or Inform

Your reception area can also entertain or inform your visitors while they wait for their appointment. This works well for a doctor’s office or any office that requires some wait time before visitors can be seen.

A good choice for this type of sign is a digital monitor that displays slides or video content. Using a digital sign works really well if your message changes during different times of the year, but really any organization can show short videos of what they do.

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