ADA Door Signs: Why You Should Place Them Correctly

The sign requirements that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) set out can seem complex. This is especially true if you haven’t investigated the regulations much, as few managers and business owners have. You may not realize that Braille isn’t the only requirement for ADA door signs. In fact, your door signs need to be placed at a certain height in order to be ADA compliant. Why does this rule exist, and why should you follow it? We’ll discuss what you need to know about ADA door signs below.

ADA Height Requirements

To be clear, not all office signs mandated by the ADA or other regulatory bodies have height requirements. Some signs, such as exit signs, are meant to be posted on ceilings or at variable heights.

However, office door signs are different. The ADA requires them to be posted from 48 inches to 60 inches off the floor. The reason for this is simple—visibility and touch-ability. Those who read Braille often can’t find the signs visually. They need signs to be placed predictably and within reach so that they can comfortably touch them to read.

If a sign is too high, it’s possible that those in wheelchairs or with physical height limitations may not be able to see or touch them.

Why Your Business Benefits

How does your business benefit from following ADA regulations for door signs? For one thing, you avoid the fines and other penalties you might face if you’re cited for an ADA violation. These fines can be hefty. The maximum penalty for your first offence, and just one, is $75,000. For subsequent offences, you could get a maximum sign of $150,000.

ADA compliance isn’t just about penalties. By investing in proper signage you’re ensuring that your customers who have disabilities feel welcome, can navigate your space, and know that your company values their business. Changeable office door signs also give you flexibility as you move staff around or repurpose rooms.

Be Sure Your Signs are ADA Compliant with Captivating Signs

ADA door sign regulations are a bit more complicated than many people realize. While it benefits you to follow them, you probably don’t have the time to review and understand them. That’s what Captivating Signs are for. You can trust us to understand how ADA rules apply to you.

We can design, produce, and install changeable office door signs that are ADA compliant. Reach out to us today to get started.

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